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Specialist property and construction insurance solutions

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W Denis designs bespoke, competitive insurance policies for the construction industry, including residential, commercial, railways, utilities and more.


W Denis designs bespoke, competitive insurance policies for the construction industry, including residential, commercial, railways, utilities and more.

W Denis Group arranges comprehensive insurance for contractors of all types including builders, scaffolders, roofers, civil engineers and all other specialist sub-contractors. Renewable C.A.R. policies are offered to cover contract works, plant and legal liabilities.

W Denis also offer project specific policies for residential, commercial, industrial, energy/power, utilities, railways and infrastructure.

Problems can arise even prior to construction, so solutions are offered for:

  • Indemnity insurance solutions to deal with defective titles and restrictive covenants etc.
  • Judicial review indemnities in the event of planning objections.
  • Pollution-remediation stop-loss and liability policies that enable companies to invest in contaminated land with confidence.
  • Property/land owners' liability for vacant or derelict sites.

At construction stage W Denis offers insurance for:

  • Buildings and civil works in the course of construction including temporary/permanent works
  • Constructional plant owned or hired in (e.g.employees' tools).
  • Legal liabilities including employer's, public, product and pollution liabilities
  • Offsite storage and goods in transit being delivered to the contract site
  • Option to insure in the name of the employer only or to include the main contractor or all tiers of sub-contractor involved in the contract.
  • Optional levels of cover during the defects liability/maintenance period
  • Options to insure against defective design, materials and workmanship
  • Surety bonds including performance, maintenance, highways etc
  • Latent defects (technical inspections are carried out at this stage)

Employer controlled or consortia insurance policies for PFI/PPP projects are available.

These tend to offer benefits over what is generally available via the contractor’s annually renewable policies, including:

  • Confidence that suitable coverage is pre-agreed to deal with any complicated construction activities or phased handovers etc.
  • Delay in start up extensions (e.g. advanced profit , rent or debt servicing costs)
  • Economy of scale efficiencies plus control of cost outlay
  • Non-cancellable cover for the duration of the project period (up to 5 years or more)
  • Non-vitiation clauses to satisfy the requirements of financiers etc
  • One policy in the joint names of all stakeholders
  • Primary control of claims management.

At practical completion the inherent defects/building guarantee policy would usually take effect, however the most competitive of policies would not be left to be arranged at the last minute. By involving W Denis Insurance Brokers Plc at an early stage, periodic inspections of the construction works can be arranged, enabling the underwriters to offer their most competitive premiums.